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Since Independence, eminent leaders of our country are advising our planners, entrepreneurs, academicians to consider development in the backward rurual areas of our country as because development in obly few metropolitan cities in the country cannot take India to the level of other developing nations.

It is an accepted fact that there are many areas in our country where it is not possible to receive education beyond the primary school level. Willing students need to travel to distant places everyday to attend high schools or colleges. Now our country is a rapidly growing economy with a GDP growth of about 8% and the demands for technically qualified people in various disciplines are ever increasing.

For providing quality education to the people in rural areas, SRI VANI EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY has set up this Institution to help the students from this area and beyond receive quality education in various disciplines of Engineering & Technology, Business Administration and Pharmacy. Qualified students in all these disciplines are in demand in our industrial growth and health care areas of our country. All necessary facilities are being established to the standard compared to the Institutions in the metropolitan cities. There are many challenges but the management is dealing with the problems with a steady hand and firm commitment to fulfill the basic principles of the Society.

Management alone cannot take this Institution to a height of glory without the active reponse from the students. Students need to be committed in their studies, determined to achieve their desired goal with honesty and sincerity. To the students I can say that there is no shortcut to unitiring effort, motivation, self develpment during these few years of life which will provide them success in the remaining years of their lives. The Institution will also look after the physical and mental development of the students such that at the end of their courses when they go out to build their career they behave as a responsible citizen of this country.

Bhaskara Jyothi Muvva